This park was officially presented to the city in 1710 by Mayor Edward Eyre, from whom it took its name. In 1965, the square was officially renamed “Kennedy Memorial Park” in honour of US President John F. Kennedy, who visited Galway shortly before his assassination in 1963. There are two large cast-iron cannons located near the Browne Doorway in Eyre Square. There is a great selection of Eyre Square Galway Hotels.

They have been there longer than many of the other memorials in the square. The cannons were presented to the Connaught Rangers at the end of the Crimean War of 1854-1856. The Rangers had played a major part in the Alma Valley Battles in 1854. The fountain located in Eyre Square, is a great example of modern Irish art. The fountain represents the sails of the Galway Hooker which was a traditional fishing boat unique to Galway.

Eyre Square is at the heart of Galway City, with a great selection of restaurants, bars, shops all in the heart of Galway City.

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