Galway City has its own “Latin Quarter” and “Left Bank”. This is the High Street, Church Lane and Quay Street area in the oldest part of the city. This area of Galway is awash with retail Wonders, from weavers, silversmiths and potters, to bookshops and art galleries, craft shops, toyshops and antique shops, hairdressers and boutiques, purveyors of woolly socks and long johns!

These narrow streets have great charm and an aura of antiquity. Many of the buildings have cut stones, arches and old fireplaces that date back over several hundred years. In recent times the streets have been revitalised by some very careful renewal of old buildings, so that dereliction has been replaced by bustling shops carefully decorated in a traditional and tasteful way. Located off High Street, to the rear of St Nicholas Church, Galway’s famous bustling market has been trading in Church Lane in the centre of the city for centuries.