The Spanish Arch is located on the banks of the River Corrib where the river meets the sea. It was built in 1584 and was part of the city walls, built to protect merchant ships from looting. In the past it was known as The Blind Arch and is located on the site known as Ceann na Bhalla (The Head of the Wall). A wooden sculpture by Claire Sheridan who lived in the adjacent building during the 50s now adorns the Arch. The Spanish Arch is home nowadays to the Galway City Museum. The Museum is situated behind the Spanish Arch, It houses exhibitions which explore aspects of the history and heritage of Galway City, focusing on the medieval town, the Claddagh village & Galway, 1800-1950. The building itself affords spectacular views of the Claddagh, the Spanish Arch, the River Corrib & Galway Bay.