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Civil Ceremony

Ceremony Types

Wedding Ceremony Types

A Civil Ceremony is performed by a register. The registrar works for the state and can perform a wedding ceremony in either

  • a) The registry office - 091 546277
  • or
  • b) Depending on availability can come to your venue if it is approved by them.
There is limited ability to personalise your ceremony. There can be no mention of anything religious or spiritual in either the readings you choose or music you wish to have played. You are also not guaranteed the time of day you would like.

A Religious/Secular ceremony is performed in line with the beliefs and philosophies of the particular organisations.

It might surprise you to know that not all Religious ceremonies have to take place in a church or other religious type building. Although this category does include all established religions which typically take place in their places of worship. But there are some ceremonies that fall under the religious category can happen in hotels and other bespoke venues.

This may have you scratching your head and wondering “How can that be, I thought all religious ceremonies happen in a church” and that is simply not the case. Nor do you have to subscribe to their beliefs in order to be married by them. All you need to know is that you are married under the Rites and Ceremonies of that body.

Spiritual Ceremonies is one body that falls under the religious category that respects and acknowledges all beliefs. This allows you to decide what is Spiritual to you. It also means you can take time in your wedding ceremony to remember those who have passed on by lighting a candle to symbolise their presence. Family members and friends can be remembered in a variety of ways in your ceremony and this can be discussed with your celebrant as to how you want that to happen. You are afforded the option to have the freedom to include readings and music that have a religious tone.

Interfaith is another option,

Dara Molloy also is registered with the state and can offer a variety of types of ceremony.

It is important to note that not all religious bodies that fall under this category will facilitate this so do check if it is something that is important to you.

Secular ceremonies are performed by bodies that have a view point that does not include anything religious or spiritual. They have no belief in the after-life with the ‘here and now’ being the cornerstone of their philosophy. So if you wish to acknowledge your loved ones in your ceremony this is more than likely not possible in alignment with their philosophy. You will also have to check if you have to subscribe to their philosophy in order to be married by them under their rites and ceremonies.

It is also worth mentioning that if you have booked a celebrant to perform your ceremony you would be wise to ask them can they solemnise the marriage as in sign the paperwork. Don’t assume that everyone who is titled celebrant has this authority.

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